Scottsdale Area Guide

Scottsdale is tucked in between Tempe, a Native American Reservation, Paradise Valley and Phoenix, yet it has so many qualities that make it a destination of choice for tourists and a city of choice for over 226,000 residents.

Scottsdale spans an area of 184 square miles, with differing personalities in different areas. North Scottsdale holds many of the newer communities as well as high-end golf communities, high tech and real estate companies, and high-end shopping.

The southern and central area of Scottsdale has many older communities built in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Southern/Central Scottsdale is also home to an area called "Old Town Scottsdale." Old Town Scottsdale has enjoyed some resurgence in popularity. Developers are building high-end condos and lofts, and Old Town Scottsdale is gaining in popularity as a night life destination for the twenty and thirty-something crowd.