Phoenix Arizona Charter Schools

Charter schools are loved by parents of public school students seeking another  choice, and hated by many public school administrators and teachers as a competition to the dollars the state allocates to the public schools for each student. The quality of charter schools vary widely, so you need to be careful when evaluating a new charter school.

What’s the Difference Between a Phoenix Charter School and a Phoenix Private School?

Cost!  Charter schools are funded by the state of Arizona, and just like any public school, tuition is FREE.   For every student that attends a charter school, the state gives that charter school a set amount of funds.  Charter schools are not allowed to charge students any additional tuition, which makes this option compelling for parents who aren’t happy with the public schools in the area.

Charter schools must also accept all students, so many of the better charter schools have waiting lists or a yearly lottery for new admissions.   Instead of having entrance requirements, some charter schools throw on so much homework, they keep only the most motivated students.  These charters are well known for their superior test scores.  Here is a quote from the Veritas Prep charter school in east phoenix:

we offer a challenging yet rewarding curriculum to junior high and high school students who are willing to work hard and develop a deep appreciation for the true, the good, and the beautiful.

Want to find a charter school near you? Go to the  Charter School Search at the Arizona Department of Education Web site for a full list.