Home Schooling in Phoenix

No longer the thing your odd neighbors do, home schooling has definitely entered the mainstream of education in the nation and in Arizona.

I started homeschooling my kids very young. Both had a desire to learn to read early and by the time they were kindergarten age, both were reading fluently, so kindergarten seemed a waste of their time. They both went into Phoenix public schools several years later, mainly because they wanted to be near their neighbor friends. But our experiences and my contact with other homeschooled kids has given me the strong belief the homeschooling gives kids a huge academic advantage and strengthens family life and matures kids in a more positive and healthy way..

Homeschooling is easy to start in Arizona. Parents need only register with the State Department of Education – no qualifications, testing requirements or administrators peeking into your teaching like some other states.

Many parents feel overwhelmed by the idea of teaching their kids at first. But once you start looking into homeschooling, you’ll realize that there is an abundance of resources out there to help parents. You can choose a structured curriculum where you basically follow the lesson plans, follow a more relaxed method of reading and more natural learning, or adopt a method somewhere in between. Many parents will follow a math curriculum (Saxon math is very popular and successful for homeschooling families), but teach other subjects together in units, (for example – when studying the Civil War, read a historical novel set the in the era, write a report on an aspect of the Civil War, and draw a map of which states are involved in the Civil War).

Although many homeschooling parents do so to teach their children about God, you’ll find homeschooling curriculum that is both Christian and "secular".

There are many homeschool organizations in Arizona, and there are well run P.E. and extracurricular classes all over the valley for homeschoolers as well. Check out the yearly homeschool conference that happens in the summer at the Phoenix Civic Center – it’s a great place to see if homeschooling is for you and shop for curriculum in the massive auditorium. Bring your check book!

More information on homeschooling in Phoenix and Arizona: http://www.afhe.org/