Phoenix Private Schools

There are private schools all over the valley, and some have stellar reputations to go with their high costs. There are generally more private elementary schools than private high schools, because of the high cost of building facilities to handle extra-curricular activities for teen-agers.

Here is a list of some of the best Phoenix private schools.

Brophy College Preparatory

Brophy is a Jesuit, Catholic, college preparatory school for boys in downtown Phoenix. With excellent academics and a gentrified past, this school of 1200 boasts average SAT scores well above the national and Arizona norms.  Average SAT scores for Brophy in 2012 was 1758.
Website: 602-264-5291

Xavier College Preparatory

Xavier is a private Catholic college preparatory school for girls in downtown Phoenix. With an approximate size of 1200, this 60 year-old school gives girls an opportunity to grow their academic and leadership skills without the distraction of the other gender.  Mean SAT scores for the school was 1713.
Website: 602-277-3772

Phoenix Country Day School

Phoenix Country Day School is a Pre-K-12 school in Paradise Valley. Hard to get in and not cheap, this school has a 40 acre campus with tennis courts, pool and fields. Low teacher student ratios keep academic standards high, and potential students must take pre-admission tests.  SAT scores in 2009 were between 1810-2110 for the middle 50%.  If your kid has eyes on Harvard, consider this school.
Website: 602.955.8200

Notre Dame Preparatory High School

With 880  students, this Scottsdale school is one of the place to be for a Catholic high school education.  There is a fairly strong athletics program here, as well as a good academic and theology program.  Average class size is 17. Average SAT scores were 1664 in 2011.

Other Phoenix Private Schools

  • Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory 602-992-8140
  • Rancho Solano Private Schools (several campuses in Phoenix) (602) 996-7002